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About This Project

Webdesigner – Web Agency Munich

As a webdesigner and web agency Munich we offer professional web design services. For the Swiss Duo Obelinx, we realized this responsive web design. A mobile optimized website that we developed with WordPress. We chose a one-pager for the implementation. A weaving technique that seemed well suited to the clear presentation of the content. Because it enables visitors to see important information at a glance. And saves them having to navigate between different landing pages. The WordPress site can also be loaded very quickly and thus protects the data volume of visitors.


We offer Full Service – Contents Structure Navigation Keywords SEO SEM

We put the content into an easily understandable structure and structured the sections thematically. With individual links, we made it possible to control them if necessary. As with all of our orders for responsive web design, we as webdesigner also optimized this website for the search engines. In this way, we integrate search engine marketing into the work process right from the start.


Logo Design & Image Design

Website design has to work. On the desktop as well as on the ipad, ipone and many other devices. Clear. But the aesthetics of the logo or the image design ensure the appealing appearance and the modern look. We are responsible for both elements of this website as Webdesign and Brands & Web Agency Munich.



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