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Designing the logo

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Designing the logo

As a Brands & Web Agency, we design your logo as an elementary part of your brand image – individually suited to you and your industry. We offer you not only original ideas, but also creative visualizations. With the digital instruments of our time, we shape your trademark in a modern style and appealing aesthetics.


Logo for Michael Wörle, Academic Painter

For the academic painter Michael Wörle, we designed a logo and focused on his signature. The artist wanted a connection to his signature, with which he authenticates each of his valuable oil paintings. With the lettering in black line quality, we achieved a clear and modern aesthetic that in our eyes fits well with the works of the outstanding painter.

We also placed a handwritten line below the lettering, which makes this logo design a compact shape. We reached an additional stop by placing the job title in English and the address of the website in two lines. A typographical addition that allows contact with the artist and still seems discreet in a serif-free grotesk.

Michael Wörle immediately liked our idea to associate the art reference with a red dot. Because which art collector doesn’t know him. The red dot on the most interesting paintings that have just found a new owner. As a symbol of success, it also signals the sustainable quality of Michael Wörle’s works of art, in which it is worth investing.

Michael Wörle commissioned us to design his logo on the occasion of the Charity Gala Royale Blue Night in 2019. Since he provided his wonderful oil painting Aus dem Wallebecken for a charitable cause for the donation gala of the Baron of Reckenthal, he was of course also given a place on the sponsor wall. In the photo with the artist and his work after the successful auction, the brand logo is clearly visible on the top left.


We design your logo with many graphic styles

Creative Techniques & Digital Tools

With programs like Illustrator and Photoshop, we design your brand logo in high quality. We offer you many styles and creative techniques. Whether as a word mark or figurative mark, we design your trademark as a unique symbol that represents your company first-class.


Flat & Material Design

Flat design and material design are both techniques that are particularly good on the Internet. Because with fine, subtle gradients, we achieve a feel for your brand logo that is perceived soft and pleasant by users on the screens. In this way, we turn your company logo into a haptic user experience. Flat & Material Logo design are thus also a sub-area of UX Design.


3D optics

We also design your logo in 3D style is an interesting way to extend the one-dimensionality of screens. In the fine play of light and shadow, we conjure up the illusion of elevations and recesses in your logo. Using Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop programs, we construct the sense of space and perspective.



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