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Free graphic project 01

  |   Visualisation


Connect to yourself, and you are connected to the world.

[Marlene Kern]



Free graphic works in the series Visualizing Enables Evolution

This project arose from the desire to present our own thoughts visually in addition to designing customer orders. To communicate them, to inspire others and yes, also to encourage interaction and exchange. So feel welcome to comment on this motif and the upcoming designs in this series. I look forward to your feedback!



Things are connected

In our world, which has become complicated, some people could fall into chaos. There is only one thing left to do: Orientation towards oneself. Focus on personal perception.


But wait a minute, Who am I?, What is important to me?, What do I want to achieve?, How can I get there?

Yes, it is precisely these questions that create a connection to oneself and thus a connection to the world in the answers.



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