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Brand agency

  |   Advertising campaign, Digital brand management, Graphic design, Shopware Webshop

Brand agency – holistic brand design

We specialize in realizing your brand appearance from a single source. We offer three services for this. Brand design, media design & online marketing. We realized the holistic advertising presence for this online retailer with date products. From finding a name to the logo design, to the web shop with shopware and the advertising campaign, we as a brand agency implemented the brand design in all its elements.


Digital brand positioning

Name design, logo, shopware shop, advertising campaign

Brand agency – In this project, our order started with the name finding. We also took over the graphic design of the logo and other elements of the appearance. We realized the web shop as a central task with shopware. We also designed an advertising campaign for online marketing. This should unite all media in a suitable world of images.


Advertising campaign

A game with magical images from the Orient

The Advertising campaign we staged as a brand agency with emotional images that played with oriental desert scenes. Because dates originally come from Arab countries. Today they have their growing areas in other continents. Nevertheless, the date products from Forrer Food still largely made in Arab countries and in high-quality organic quality.


You can find here more information about this project.